Your massage step by step

The place

Carole meets you at the foot of the building to accompany you to a warm and cosy place where you feel good. The parlour has been designed for relaxation, from softened light to the breathtaking view of the Val-de-Grâce's gardens. The perfect place for a wellness break!

The outfit

For your massage, you will be covered with a towel. Only the massaged part will be visible.
It's up to you to choose if you prefer to keep your own underwear or use the disposable ones that Carole keeps at your disposal (disposable pants or thong). For women, the chest remains covered during the massage.

The choice

Choose from the 8 types of massages offered by Carole Massages Bien-Être according to your needs and expectations of the moment.

Before each massage, Carole will ask you a few questions to make sure that you have chosen the massage that best suits your needs and your desires (health problems, pain, type of pressure, etc.).

Once the choice is made, she explains to you the course of the massage.

The oils

Carole then makes you choose the massage oil from 8 oils (Ylang Ylang, rosewood, coconut, ...). She makes her own blends with natural organic oils and organic essential oils. This allows her to obtain more subtle odors and to be sure of the quality of the oils used.
For the Abhyanga massage, which is done with hot oil, you can choose between coconut oil and deodorized sesame oil.

Back to reality

At the end of the massage, you will obviously have a time to regain your senses. A moment to find out if you liked the massage and, possibly, hydrate yourself with the drinks at your disposal.

Plan 10 to 15 minutes in addition to the massage's duration.

to untie tensions

Californian Massage

The Californian massage combines the benefits of essential oils with long, fluid and harmonious movements to untie tension points and relax your muscles.

You leave the parlour light as a feather, filled with a lasting feeling of tranquility and serenity.


Unwinding tensions
Improved blood circulation
Awakening of sensitivity
Body harmony
Nerve balance
Stress relief

Durations & Prices

30 minutes - 40 €
1 hour - 80 €
1 hour 30 - 120 €

for more intensity

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a strong and powerful massage that appeals to athletes in particular. Alternating light strokes, kneading, friction, pressure and stretching, the emphasis is put on the in-depth work of each muscle group. Its calming, stimulating and decongestant action adapts to both an active and a sedentary person.

Its relaxing and invigorating effects provide you with deep and lasting well-being.


Points of tension and knots untied
Increased circulation
Tissue oxygenation
Toxins elimination
Muscles relaxation and regeneration

Durations & Prices

30 minutes - 40 €
1 hour - 80 €
1 hour 30 - 120 €

to feel strengthen

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

Inspired by ancestral Indian medicine, Abhyanga is the most classic form of Ayurvedic massage. Carried out with deliciously hot oil all over the body, this energizing massage follows the course of the nadis (energy circuits) to balance the person as a whole.
It is excellent against tiredness in general and calms restlessness of the mind.

You start the rest of the week with a great energy!


Detoxifies the body
Boost the energies
Eliminates fatigue
Relaxes muscles
Strengthens vital functions
Improves circulation
Soothes the nervous system

Durations & Prices

30 minutes - 40 €
1 hour - 80 €
1 hour 30 - 120 €

massages à Paris 5

to let yourself be carried along

Lomi-Lomi Massage

The Lomi-Lomi massage is a relaxing body massage of Hawaiian origin. The appropriate movements of the hands, forearms and elbows are wide and travel all over the body, like incessant waves on the shore. A real dance around the table to lead you to the center of yourself.

Its purpose is to connect the heart, soul and body to provide a feeling of well-being. Lomi-Lomi is also called "loving hand massage".


Promotes energy circulation
Harmonize the body
Stimulates circulation
Eliminates toxins
Untie tensions
Boost the energy

Durations & Prices

30 minutes - 40 €
1 hour - 80 €
1 hour 30 - 120 €

for a well-being break

Seated Amma Massage

Carried out dressed and comfortably installed on a chair, the seated massage makes it easy to enjoy a real relaxing break.
This massage focuses on the neck, shoulders and back, the most vulnerable areas to tension and stress. It there by provides lasting relief to the upper body.

A well-being break accessible to all, ideal for recharging your batteries during the day!


Improved posture
Increased resistance to disease
Deep state of inner relaxation and well-being
Increased concentration
Untied tensions


15 minutes - 20 minutes - 30 minutes

massages à Paris Censier Daubenton

for a glowing face

Face Massage

Treat yourself to a relaxing moment with this gentle, fluid facial massage. Carried out with delicacy, this massage acts on the meridians by focusing on the neck, the face and the skull.

Released from all tensions and contractions, your face glows!


Relaxes your features
Fades signs of tiredness
Boosts blood and lymphatic circulation
Revives the radiance of your skin
Redraw the oval of your face and plump your skin
Relieves headaches, jaw tension, asthma, eyestrain, colds and sinusitis

Duration & Price

45 minutes - 60 €

for a serene pregnancy

Prenatal Massage

This massage specifically dedicated to pregnant women (over 3 months) is carried out with neutral and organic vegetable oil suitable for pregnant women to ensure a relaxing massage in complete safety.

An ideal treatment to calmly approach this very special moment in a woman's life!


1st trimester of pregnancy
Blood loss / Abdominal cramps / Phlebitis
If in doubt, consult your doctor or midwife


Muscle relaxation
Reduces stress
Activates blood and lymphatic circulation
Facilitates sleep and recovery
Provides a feeling of well-being

Durations & Prices

1 hour - 80 €
1 hour 30 - 120 €

to release tensions

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a treatment method developed by the oldest civilizations in Asia. It is executed by marked pressures with the fingertips on specific points, called reflex points, which each match a specific organ, gland or part of the body. With tonic and precise movements, Carole locates your areas of tension.

Several millennia of civilization have tested it, it's your turn to enjoy it!


Releases your blockages on your entire body
Harmonizes vital functions
Eliminates toxins
Brings a boost of energy
Boosts immune defences
Brings intense relaxation and energy balance

Durations & Prices

30 minutes - 40 €
1 hour - 80 €

for a personalized massage

Custom Massage

Do you want a massage that is fully adapted to your needs and desires?
Opt for custom massage. It is a fusion of different techniques to obtain a massage that perfectly matches your needs and desires.
Based on listening, this personalized massage aims to work on specific needs and sensitive areas of your body. Here you can compose the massage you need yourself. Choose the zones to privilege, the type of pressure, ...

Finally a massage that suits you 100%!

Durations & Prices

30 minutes - 40 €
1 hour - 80 €
1 hour 30 - 120 €


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Massages are aimed at the well-being of the person.
They are non-therapeutic and non-sexual.