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Carole Mignot

Carole has always loved taking care of others. As a child, she wanted to be a paramedic to help, transport and assist people in distress. She has also always enjoyed massaging the people around her. Carole considers the sens of touch to be one of the most essential senses for human survival. Indeed, the specific sensory sensors of the skin allow our body to think long before our head. Who has not experienced the power of a tap on the shoulder to give courage or a hand placed on another to comfort?

Following a long training as a practitioner in well-being massage at the famous Miki School in Paris, accredited to the FFMBE (French Federation of Well-Being Massages), Carole settled in her relaxing parlour in the 5th arrondissement .

With a soul of a globetrotter, during her numerous stays abroad, in Asia in particular, she was able to discover different approaches of touch and other massage techniques. Carole also supplemented her knowledge by training with foreign teachers in order to deepen some massage techniques in particular.

Today, she found her Ikigai, her purpose: taking care of others through massages!


Why to choose Carole Massages Bien-Être

You are looking for a caring and passionate masseuse? Make an appointment with Carole Massages Bien-Être! Carole is very sensitive, gentle and attentive, with magic at her fingertips. Caring, she welcomes you without judgment. You can consult the testimonials to make sure of it.

For a successful massage, rely on her listening, both when you express your expectations and when your body speaks out (tensions, spasms, chills, tears, ...). Carole also listens to you through her hands. Thanks to her know-how and her great sensitivity, enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being suspended in time, a true journey that will last beyond the session. A real moment to reconnect with yourself.

Carole also speaks English and Spanish which allows foreign customers to be able to exchange without problems and to make the most of their session!

" Take care of yourself.
Your body is your best friend and it will thank you! "


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A relaxing place

Your massage parlour

Carole Massage Bien-Etre's parlour in the 5th arrondissement of Paris is a place dedicated to well-being. It feels like a cocoon. Carole accompanies you in this Haussmannian building where you will find a cosy space that invites you to relax. Don't worry, the building is old but has an elevator. The warm atmosphere of the place is there until the moment of massage: the table has a heating blanket.

The magnificent view of the Val-de-Grâce's gardens allows you to enjoy a natural setting in the capital and even birdsong in summer when the window is open.

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